Transforming steel,

creating value.



AZ Industries works steel to create solutions for life to all stakeholders; manufacturing and supplying Steel-Based Capital Goods to the most important industries, with more than 15 years being the preferred business partner for steel fabrications.

We guarantee the total satisfaction of our clients, through a culture of quality committed to creating value in all their relationships.

Why choosing AZ Industries?


  • Flexibility:  Our workshop is adapted to our customer needs.
  • Quality:  We do it right the first time.
  • Experience:  More than 15 years of transforming steel.
  • Efficiency:  On-time delivery culture.
  • Commitment:  Long term relationships with our stakeholders.

Why Mexico?


  • Cost Advantage: Material  / manhour price relation.

  • Workforce quality and expertise.

  • Member of several Free Trade Agreements.

  •  Strategic location between USA  and Latin America.

Additional Services

  • Professional engineering assessment.
  • Partnership in freight and logistics. 
  • No-cost video call inspection.
  • Trial-fit test for all projects. 
  • Workspace for external quality inspectors.


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